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  • 2nd August
  • 02

1) How my day started. I DID NOT WANT TO RUN TODAY!
2) Got myself changed. Still didn’t want to do it.
3) Ooh, reservoir was pretty tonight even though the sun was covered up!
4) Apart from the terrible cramping I experienced I was kinda glad I ended up running

Training called for 4 miles. I called compromise at Rachael’s recommendation to run 2 then walk 2. I basically walked .25, ran 2, walked .75, then ran the last 1. I looked pretty pathetic tonight but I did ittt! :)

Now it’s time for an Angry Orchard, some food, and some rest!


  1. rachaelfightsback said: You rock and I love you!
  2. honestlyamy said: Looks like you had fun!
  3. fromlazytolively said: proud of you lady!!! omg i cant wait till we get to have angry orchard together!! enjoy your weekend wifey!!
  4. andjuliesaid said: I am currently drinking an Angry Orchard!
  5. funhappylife2 said: Nice work girl!
  6. happyhealthycook said: You did it! :) Happy weekend, Sarah!
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